Medical Eye Illustrations


What we do creates and licenses stock and custom ophthalmic illustrations and animations for use in pharmaceutical marketing, legal cases, product marketing, websites and patient education materials.

We have a huge stock library of medically and surgically accurate ophthalmic illustrations depicting subjects from eye anatomy & diseases to eye surgery.


About our artist

Working as an Ophthalmic Photographer since 1988, Mark Erickson has examined and photographed virtually every type of eye condition there is through various high-powered microscopes and cameras.

This experience has given him a unique and intimate understanding of the eye and its various anatomical structures, diseases and surgical procedures.


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Marilyn Haddrill

Mark Erickson of is a master of detail and accuracy. His vivid graphics help consumers visiting our web site comprehend... eye conditions and surgical procedures.

Marilyn Haddrill /
Chris Glenn

Mark is a very valuable resource to us, both for the finished product and for his insights and suggestions.

Chris Glenn / Review of Ophthalmology Magazine
National Geographic

We are happy to be using your materials in our Brainworks book. It has been a pleasure working with you and we look forward to being in touch again soon.

National Geographic

Claudette McClellan

JirehDesign is a great resource. The illustrations are both medically accurate and artistically outstanding. Prices are very reasonable and service is speedy. Thanks for the great work!.

Claudette McClellan / Retinal Physician Magazine

On Tuesday the jury returned a verdict for my client. The award was $1.15 million. Your work was a very important part of my case. You have made an enormous impact on the life of a very nice young man who lost his vision.

Michael J. Schreyer / Seidman & Schreyer, LLC
Davin Johnson

JirehDesign's illustrations add an unmatched degree of professionalism and attractiveness to our website, We have heard nothing but positive feedback from patients, physicians and students visiting the site, and would recommend Mark’s work to all.

Davin Johnson / Queen's University Ophthalmology Department