Mark Erickson medical illustrator at JirehDesign.comWorking as an Ophthalmic Photographer since 1988, Mark has examined and photographed virtually every type of eye condition there is through high-powered microscopes and cameras. This experience has given him a unique understanding of the eye and its various anatomical structures, diseases and surgical procedures.

In 1998, Mark started coupling this medical photography experience with his artistic and creative abilities. The result is a vast gallery of various eye anatomy, eye conditions & diseases and surgical illustrations.

“The piece in Photoshop User Magazine was the ultimate compliment and affirmation of my medical illustration.”

Mark’s work has been published on the front cover of numerous, top eye care industry magazines and books. His work frequently illustrates the front cover of industry journals.

Mark’s work has been commissioned by National Geographic, Bausch & Lomb, Johnson & Johnson and Transition Lenses, to name a few.

Mark Erickson’s artwork and story were published in The National Association of Photoshop Professionals monthly publication, “Photoshop User” and “Layers” magazines.

Mark now focuses his creative energy on his website,, and creating and licensing stock and custom ophthalmic illustrations and animations for use in pharmaceutical marketing, legal cases, product marketing, websites and patient education materials.

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